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Your Instructors

Your Instructors are personally selected not only for their martial arts skill, but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages. Through an ongoing program of advanced training (e.g. International Seminars and Master Classes) they continuously upgrade their own skills.

Your Instructors are also internationally experienced and bring with them a well established record of success on the World Stage, between them they tout multiple Regional, National, Oceanic and World Championship Titles across all disciplines. Their demonstratable technical excellence helps them work towards the empowerment in people of all ages including children, adults and the elderly by providing diverse and needs-based martial arts training programs.

Programs Designed With You in Mind

We cultivate not only self-defence skills, but the complete development of each student. Individual attention is a feature of every class, allowing members to progress quickly and easily towards their personal goals. Our Instructors take their responsibility as role models for younger students, seriously teaching importance of strong character, leadership and strong moral values.

A Modern Approach to Self Defence

Although our techniques are based on centuries-old knowledge, our application of that knowledge sets us apart from other schools. We realise that each student possesses different physical abilities. Size and strength varies with each individual and when you have acquired a strong foundation in basics, our program will enhance your personal physical capabilities and maximize your defence skills.

Besides the advantages gained in Life Skills, Health and Vitality, You will understand exactly what is required, mentally and physically, to defend yourself or your loved ones should the need ever arise.



Learning Life Skills

The training programs are aimed at improving the quality of each student’s martial arts experience. Through martial arts training, people of all ages and capabilities can learn to relate to each other, build positive relationships, and experience the lessons of martial arts and the rewards of effort.

Not only do we develop competent martial artists in both mental and physical aspects of the martial arts, regardless of age, race, sex, creed or colour, we give each student an unrivalled quality of training that he or she could wish for. New students often enjoy the physical aspects of training and the benefits in health and vitality as a result but as the student’s experience mature, they come to understand the mental aspects as well, which will serve them well in life.

Such Life skills include setting challenges, testing boundaries, pushing your limits just that little bit further and working towards self awareness and improvement - in physical health, athletic ability, focus and drive to excel. It can be about trying something new, mastering a technique or increasing the ability to perform.

Our Instructors support and encourage personal development to attain the best possible outcomes. Whether this is to enhance the enjoyment of the activity or to attain a higher level of understanding of martial arts, our Instructors plan and implement programs appropriate to defined individual and group needs.

Through utilising vast martial arts experiences and modern training methods the team of Instructors work to prepare individuals and groups to train, compete and achieve potentials over and above expectations.


Learning Life Skills

Gain the best education for your children from the outset - Discipline and Moral Culture are central in building better students and in turn, well-balanced Adults.


Scott Bower

International Instructor, 6th Degree
0408 879 269


Training Times


Unit 3 - 58 Colbee Court Phillip ACT 2605

Mon     5-5.45pm (7 to 9yrs), 6 - 7:30pm (10 yrs up), 7.30 - 8.30 (Black belts)

Wed     6 - 7pm (Beginners) 7 - 8.30 (10 yrs up)

Thur     7 - 8.30 (Black belts)

Friday   5-5.45pm (7 to 9yrs), 6 - 7:30pm (10 yrs up)

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Belconnen Community Centre (Gymnasium, behind the Sports Hall)
Swanston Court, Belconnen, ACT, 2614

Tues   6:00 - 7:30pm
Thurs  6:00 - 7:30pm

Saturday  12 - 1.30pm

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111 Casey Cres, Calwell ACT 2905

Tues   7 - 8pm
Thurs  6 - 7pm

Saturday  9 - 10pm

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Black Belt Invitational

Dedicated Dan Rank Workshops
(May be open to Senior Gup Grades by Invitation per Workshop)



Shared learning for All Ages

Foundations of Tong-Il Taekwon-Do Australia

Since it's inception in 1955, Taekwon-Do has arguably become the World's most Popular Martial Art.  Tong-Il Taekwon-Do Australia continues the legacy of General Choi Hong Hi learning and teaching the original and authoritative Taekwon-Do with leading qualified Instructors who have been tutored personally by many of the World's Foremost Grand Masters of this dynamic Art.

We maintain a close relationship and attend ongoing Seminars from many of the World's leading authorities of Taekwon-Do, many of which were part of the foundation along side General Choi Hong Hi and still continue with the Principles entailed in it's origins.

Introducing Ourselves

Tong-Il Taekwon-Do Australia is a collection of well trained, highly motivated and internationally experienced martial artists dedicated to the physical, mental and spiritual development of its students. Founded on the continued principles of teaching excellence and providing personal attention, you will be given the best opportunities to reach your full potential.

Proudly aligned with the Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation under the auspices of Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung, Tong-Il Taekwon-Do Australia continues it's strong foundation in the Art in it's purest form. Unified ITF is a modern thinking organisation continuing the teachings of the late founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi.  International Recognition is available to all members and Certification for Degree Rank from First Dan through Ninth Dan, Examiner and Umpire classes A, B and C are afforded to our members as appropriate.